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Parkland Music Festival

The annual Parkland Music Festival is a multi-day event in March featuring student performances in piano, voice, guitar, strings, woodwinds, brass, band, and choir. The festival is hosted and organized by the Parkland Music Teachers' Association. The Parkland Music Festival is a member of the Alberta Music Festival Association and is able to make provincial recommendations for outstanding participants. The goal of the festival is to provide the best opportunity and adjudication for music students in and around Parkland County.

For more information about the festival, visit the Parkland Music Festival website at 

Showcase Performances

Every year, the Parkland Music Teachers ' Association holds a concert with performances and presentations by PMTA member teachers.

As our membership is unique, so is every concert! Click on the links below to see what has been performed in previous programs.

Spring Fling 2017

Spring Fling 2016

Spring Fling 2015

Spring Fling 2014

Festival Fundraiser 2013

February Fantasy 2012

February Fantasy 2011

February Fantasy 2010

Workshops, and Other Events

The PMTA hosts member social events, workshops, and other teacher/studio development events annually. As well, the PMTA hosts occasional concerts by guest musicians. 

Social events are held at least twice a year. These events are an opportunity for our members to get to know one another and build connections with other teachers in the community.

Workshops often focus on music teaching techniques and are held at least once a year. Recent workshops have been focused around piano hand positions and hand shape and teaching approaches for different personality types.

Teacher/Studio Development events focus on the business of teaching. Recent development events have discussed contract building for teachers, promotional ideas for studios, and building a studio website.