Looking for a music teacher? To find a teacher in your area, click on Member Directory to contact the music                    teacher of your choice.  Many of our members are offering on-line lessons during the COVID pandemic.

Want to perform better at school and work, strengthen your brain,

 develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills and communicate more effectively?

Then it’s time to face the music!  Learning and playing a musical instrument

can pay long-term dividends.  And whether it’s you, your child or even Grandma,

you’re never too old to start, say the experts.

 Recent studies indicate that musical training provides plentiful perks, including:

 · Enhanced neural processing of sound and speech for adolescents taking music classes in high school

 · Increased blood flow to language centers of the brain; just 30 minutes of training can

    positively affect brain patterns.

 · Enhanced verbal memory, reading ability, second-language pronunciation accuracy

    and executive functions

 · Improved brain anatomy, particularly when training starts prior to age 7

Plus -- making music is just plain fun!  Members of the PMTA are eager to share their love and knowledge of music with you -- check the member biographies to find a teacher that's right for you!