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Want to perform better at school and work, strengthen your brain,

 develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills and communicate more effectively?

Then it’s time to face the music!  Learning and playing a musical instrument

can pay long-term dividends.  And whether it’s you, your child or even Grandma,

you’re never too old to start, say the experts.

 Recent studies indicate that musical training provides plentiful perks, including:

 · Enhanced neural processing of sound and speech for adolescents taking music classes in high school

 · Increased blood flow to language centers of the brain; just 30 minutes of training can

    positively affect brain patterns.

 · Enhanced verbal memory, reading ability, second-language pronunciation accuracy

    and executive functions

 · Improved brain anatomy, particularly when training starts prior to age 7

Plus -- making music is just plain fun!  Members of the PMTA are eager to share their love and knowledge of music with you -- check the member biographies to find a teacher that's right for you!

The Parkland Music Festival committee is pleased to offer a wonderful educational experience for participants of the Parkland Music Festival. This will be held from March 16-21, 2020. Our entry deadline is February 1, 2020.

We offer adjudication in five (5) disciplines: Band; Choral; Piano; Strings; and Voice.

Why you should enter the Parkland Music Festival? 
Let us list a few reasons: 
(1)we are local, with our venue for all disciplines except Band being at Hope Church, 1004 Hwy 16 
(at corner of Hwy 779) and there is plenty of parking space; 
(2) we strive to hire adjudicators who are passionate about teaching music;
(3) we are affiliated with AMFA (Alberta Music Festival Association) and as such, choirs and soloists 
may be eligible for Provincial Recommendation;
(4) we offer scholarships to help advance soloists in their studies; 
(5) we are open to adding classes, in the disciplines we offer, to meet your needs; and
(6) we are noted for our friendly environment.

We are pleased to have the following adjudicators for the 2020 Parkland Music Festival:
Band - Don Ross;
Choral - Dr. Joy Berg;
Piano - Janna Olson;
Strings - Vladimir Rufino; and
Voice/Musical Theatre - Dawn Sadoway.
Their bio’s will be posted on our website shortly.

This will be our 29th annual festival, and we are delighted to offer this opportunity in the Parkland area. The Entry Forms, the 2020 PMF Syllabus, and other information may be found online at: parklandmusicfestival.org.

If you have any questions, or would like any information regarding the Parkland Music Festival, please contact me at dori@parklandmusicfestival.org or call (780) 238-4662.